Black Cat Firecrackers
Black Cat firecrackers available in bricks of 100 count strands and 200 count strands
Mighty Max Firecrackers
Mighty Max Firecrackers available in bricks of 16 count strands and 100 count strands
Red Rhino Firecrackers
Red Rhino brand Firecrackers available in bricks of 16 count strands and 100 count strands
Shogun Firecrackers
Shogun brand firecrackers available in bricks of 100 count strands
Hog Wild Firecrackers
Hog Wild brand firecrackers available in bricks of 200 count strands
Full Red Crackers
4582 count continuous strand of firecrackers
Red Hot Dynamite
Loose Firecrackers (100count) per box
Loose waterproof Firecrackers (36count) per box
Loose waterproof Firecrackers (36 count) per box
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Roman Candles

5 Ball Assorted Roman Candles
5 Ball Camo Roman Candles
8 Shot Might Max Roman Candle
10 Ball Camo Roman Candle
10 Ball Mini Roman Candle
Bull Roman Candle
Fantastic Five Roman Candle
100 Shot Magical Barrage
Mighty Max Roman Candle Assortment
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10" Assorted Color Sparkler
14" Gold Sparkler
14" Morning Glory Sparkler
36" Morning Glory Sparkler
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   Smoke Items

Color Smoke Balls
Smoke Grenade
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 Assortment Packs

Star Assortment Pack
Xpress Pak Assortment
Our America Assortment
Southern Pride Assortment
White Lighting Assortment
Celebrity Assortment
Texas Outlaw Assortment
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    Artillery Shells

Assorted Artillery Shells
Crackling Artillery Shells
Whistling Artillery Shells
Commander In Chief Artillery Shells
Medieval Knight Artillery Shells
60 grams of gunpowder per shot, BEST in the market
Firehawk Kit Artillery Shells
Outlaw Artillery Assortment
Ultimatum Artillery Assortment
Full Monty Artillery Assortment
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Happy Face Artillery Shells
Marvelous Double Break Artillery
All Double Break Shells
Max'd Out Artillery Assortment
NUKEM Artillery Assortment
Maximum load artillery shells, 60 grams per shot and 18 pieces per box
The Judge Artillery Assortment
Mighty Midget Artillery Shells
1" artillery shells with effects
Ten Outlaw Artillery Shells
1" artillery shells with effects
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     Multi-Shot Aerials 200g

Air Raid
15 shots of assorted vibrant colors and loud breaking effects
Artic Storm
15 colorful bursts of red, blue, white and silver with a whistling gold rain
Autumn Drizzle
19 shots of multi-floral bursts and colorful showers
Blue Me Up
A BEST SELLING Item. Vibrant Blue comets and blue stars for all those Blue color lovers! Accents of red, silver and white rain add a pleasing and well balanced touch
Colour Pearl Flower
96 shots Fast and Colorful
Freedom Rising
21 shots of red, white and blue with a crackling glitter bouquet
Fire in the Night
16 breaks of blue brocade crown and yellow/silver stars
Funkey Monkey
16 shots of color glittering coconuts and ends with rapid glittering brocade crown
Loud crackling chrysanthemums and ends with blue peony's and silver glitter
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Magic Shocks
Medal of Honor
16 Shot red and blue peony, silver glittering stars with a very loud bursting sound before each effect!
Mighty Cobra
Mummy Awakes
16 shots of very loud multi color peonies and green glittering stars
Flashing lights and loud explosions in a multi 9 shot display
25 total shots with 5 shots at a time. Blue crackling mines to slowly drizzling waterfalls
Lots of blues in this one along with silver fish and red or green tails with rapid fire shots at the end
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Heavy-Weight Multi Shot Items 300-500g

Jump 4 Joy
20 shots of silver willows with multicolored sparkles chased by a gold coconut palm and gold crystals
Who's That Noisy
A colorful item with gold, red, blue green, purple and silver.
Whistling tails to delayed crackling, then quickened gold willows and even quicker crackling flowers
Blue Eruption
35 shot blue mines, gold tails and gold silver willows with whistling and crackling
Blustering and high flown aerial display filled to capacity in deep reds, aqua, lemon, purple and blue dahlia stars along with white strobe crackling
Classic Muscle
Color Of USA
230 shots of assorted color stars with crackling reports and with each 20 shots the stars will change
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Crimson Skies
A fan item of red glitter mines that turn to red glittering willows
Flipping Awesome
A huge silver brocade crown, white glittering, silver wave and ends with crackling chyrsanthemum
Grudge Match
Holy Moly
Jet Fire
Let Freedom Ring
Loud Mouth
Patterns that build from straight up to a V shape that fills the sky in a noisy and vocal display. Has brilliant gold and silver coconut pistils, deep reds and greens and strobes with crackle
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Massive Attack
Mind Boggler
Monstrous Brocade Ring
3" Shell brocade ring
Monstrous Palm
9 shots of gigantic golden palm with assorted color stars and ends with multiple shots of big silver willows
Pink Obsession
Pirates Code
Power Twister
Powerful rising twisters with brocade and crackling effects
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Top Spin
True Rebel
2" shells of gold and blue stars with white glittering, gold willows to blue stars and red crackling with rapid fire shots at the end
Gold and blue mines to huge brocade crowns of red and blue glittering
3" Commercial Grade Finale Rack
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Ground Spinners

Spins at high speed with a strobe effect
Crackling Ground Bloom Flower
Spins on the ground while shooting out multicolored sparks in the shape of a flower. With crackling effect
Dancing Butterfly
Stars with a colorful fountain and then shoots out 3 ground spinners that change colors 3 times
Dizzy Bees
A spinner that twirls on the ground and ends with loud crackling effect
Jumping Jack
A ground spinner emitting red and green color as they dance about on the ground
Whistling Chaser
Travels on the ground in a zig zag pattern then whistles and smokes and explodes twice
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  Novelty Items

Big Stinker
Bullet Snaps
Climbing Panda
Paper panda spins around a pole with a shower of color and then climbs up the pole
Cock Crowing at Dawn
Whistles and shoots gold sparks
Crackling Ball
Series of gold crackling explosions
Disco Flash
Six brilliantly strobing pieces in a bag
Hen Laying Egg
Large Frog
Large frog wmits a glittering silver shower with green and red balls and then whistles
Party Poppers
Hold upside down, pull string and it shoots colorful streams of paper
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Orient Express
Poopy Dog
Light it and watch the dog poop
Rolls forward and backward and hoots colorful balls with reports
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Cones and Fountains

Bees In A Thicket
Colorful moving stars that look like swarming flying insects with sounds to match
Blue Stars
This begins with a multi colored fountain that shoots 7 beautiful stars with reports
Bubbly Purple Gold
Gold and purple pearls that turn to silver and blue pearls and ends with loud crackling
Burst of Color
Whistles twice and color changes from red, green to silver flittering
Eyes on U
Silver spray of purple/green/yellow stars with blue crackling rain
Flashing Paint
Silver spray of red, blue, gold and green sparks
Killer Bees
Sparkling glitter of flying bees
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Little Chief Cone
Magenta Frost
Plenty of Poppin
Sword Master
Silver flares to silver sparks with red, blue and gold flares to gold sparks with red and blue
Sword Fountain
Tailgate Party
Texas Sword
Multicolor long duration fountain
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Missiles and Wing Items

Europa Missile
Saturn Missile 25 shot
Saturn Missile 100 shot
Saturn Missile 100 shot Crackling
Saturn Missile 200 shot crackling
Saturn Missile 300 shot
Artificial Satellite
Spins and rises into the air emitting a golden shower of sparks
Exploding Mosquito
Spins on the ground then spins high into the sky with reports
Lady Bug
Whistles and spins while emitting a bright green light and shooting high into the sky
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Dancing Butterfly

Stars with a colorful fountain and then shoots out 3 ground spinners that change colors 3 times