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Mr. B Fireworks, Inc. was established August 15, 1987 by Thomas Bargas and Don Bohac. Operations began with retail sales only and six locations. Class "C" display shows were added in 1989 and Class "B" display shows were added in 1993. A new warehouse and offices were opened in 1995, which added 4500 sq. feet to our operation. Due to increased volume, the warehouse was again expanded in 2009. We now have 10,500 sq. feet of storage space in Schulenburg, Texas.


Mr. B Fireworks is a licensed fireworks distributor for the Texas market. We are open for business year round at our warehouse in Schulenburg, Texas for wholesale customers only. Our retail stores are open May 27-May 31, June 24 - July 4, and December 20 - January 1 of each year.


1. Samantha Anders, President
2. Brian Anders, Vice-President

3. Tom Bargas, Founder and Licensed Pyrotechnician
4. Don Bohac, Director of Logistics
5. Brian Sommer, Electrician and Site Manager

6. Mason Wick, Warehouse Manager

7. John Muras, Licensed Pyrotechnician

8. Shawn Miller, Licensed Pyrotechnician

9. Mike Swansey, Licensed Pyrotechnician





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