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     Mr. B Fireworks was started in 1987 by Tom Bargas and Don Bohac. The business was operated and fireworks were stored out of the family garage for the company’s very first New Years season in 1987. There were Six total locations that were opened for this first season, two    of which were operated by the owners.


     By December of 1988  the number of locations grew from six to fifteen across central Texas.  Class “C” Display shows were added in 1989 and then Mr. B Fireworks went the extra mile and brought Class “B” Display shows to our small area in 1993. Mr. B Fireworks now does an average of twenty Class “B” public event  shows every year for town festivals and large events, in addition to the many private events like weddings and parties.

     In 2017, the company was purchased by Brian and Samantha Anders. Samantha is the niece to Tom Bargas and has been a part of the fireworks business since birth.


The Anders look forward to continuing the legacy and making

high quality fireworks available to all families in Texas.

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